Magic with RES ONE Service Store! (part 2)

In part 1 of this blog I showed what’s behind the RES ONE Service Store magical trick. With now having explained the trick, it can be built in RES ONE Service Store.

In part 2 the actual ROSS service will be built. Before we start of course some requirements must have met:

  • Installed RES ONE Service Store environment (Setup and Sync Tool, Management Portal, Transaction Engine, Catalog Services, Web Portal), for details please read the RES ONE Service Store Admin Guide;
  • Evaluation or production RES ONE Service Store licenses.

The steps that are described are as follows (Note: Images can be clicked to show larger version of it!):

First login to the management portal of the ROSS environment. After logging in with an account that has the privilege to create ROSS service.









First from the hamburger menu, select Service Catalog.



Click +New, followed by Services and Service.






  • Full in a unique name for the service: Guessing numbers ROSS Only
  • Fill in a brief description of the service, for example what this service does, for example: This service can be used to guess numbers between 1 and 63 that someone keeps in mind.
  • Change the service picture with one from the gallery or upload you own picture. In this case I choose a picture with 63 in it representing the guessing of a number until 63.

Move to Attributes.







Create a List attribute with the name Nr1 and add two values to it Yes and No. Use for Yes, the Description field of 2 and for no the description of 0.

Repeat this step for the other 5 attributes that must be created in the same way, each representing 1 card with numbers.

Use the corresponding values and descriptions for Yes and No respectively: 16 & 0, 8 & 0, 1 & 0, 4 & 0, 32 & 0. The value of each Yes or No will be saved for the total sum of numbers later on.







Move to Qualifications.






Everyone qualifies.

Move to Workflow.






First we create a Provide Information action by clicking on the ‘+’ in the workflow screen just below start delivery, followed by a Send Message action just below the Provide Information action that was created.






Provide an action Name and click on Pages.







Create 6 pages (with the +New­ button), each page contains its corresponding attribute that needs to be added based on the card that has been provided (just copy and paste the numbers card from part 1 of this blog by card into each page). So, attribute Nr1 to page 1, attribute Nr2 to page 2 etc. by pressing the arrow next to the attribute.

Now it’s time to add a second workflow action, called Send Message.







The message will hold the text:

The number you have in mind is: @[EVAL(#Service[Nr1.Description]+#Service[Nr2.Description]+#Service[Nr3.Description]+#Service[Nr4.Description]+#Service[Nr5.Description]+#Service[Nr6.Description])]

With an @EVAL function it is possible to do some basic mathematical calculations, so the result of this @EVAL function will be for example 1+8+32+16+2+4=63, when the number 63 is on all 6 cards.













Start Delivery when people request the service.






We set the return flow As soon as the service has been delivered, so it can be delivered again.




Press Save to save the service.

Testing the service.

Login to the url of the web portal and request the service you’ve just created, let someone keep a number is his mind and let him say if the number is one each of the 6 cards.

That’s it!

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